PSA: Pheasant by Twigs Wallpaper, All Colorways Pictured

Remember this wallpaper?

It's the lusciously lickable, preppily psychedelic Pheasant by Twigs wallpaper that I was talking up last week.

In the interest of continuing theme Wallpaper Week, I started to shoot my sample collection in our hallway for your viewing pleasure... but then I went and ordered yet ANOTHER sample that I feel I simply must wait upon before asking your opinion.

I am going open a crazy lady wallpaper sample shop when all this is said and done -- the kind of shop with dusty lampshades and random cats patrolling pee stained darkened corners. In other words, I have a problem.

While I sort out my OCD issues, I decided to shoot and post all the colorways for Pheasant because they aren't available anywhere online. I tried my hardest to standardize the colors and density, so I think the pictures are fairly accurate. This may not be the most exciting post, but hopefully it will be useful to someone out in the world.

pheasant blue


brown pheasant


pheasant gold


pheasant gray


pheasant malachite


pheasant marine


pheasant orange


pheasant peach


pheasant red


pheasant rust


If you like, call the nice folks at Twigs and order some samples for free. Rolls are 100% gorgeously hand printed (from a 1980s pattern!), so you have to trim the selvedge yourself...

Cold sweat, people. That's scary stuff.

But worth it -- this paper is deluxe.

Also it reminds me of the time I "got drunk" and went to the renaissance faire to watch weird people make marbelized paper.

That alone puts it in front runner status, right?