Potties Part 1: Wood in the Bathroom

I hate to break it to you but, despite the title of today's post, we will not be showing any X-rated decor, instead I'll be focusing on real wood from real trees and how sometimes it's found (totally and completely behaving itself) in the bathroom. Ok, backing up:  the hubs and I are finally starting to talk seriously about redoing this builder-grade-crap-pile of a guest bathroom we've been living with for the last 2 years, which is throwing me into an indecisive whirlwind of overwhelming choices.  Did I ever mention that I'm bad with decisions?  I am.  Anyway, I was going to line up a bunch of different pictures of  bathrooms with various tile choices and force you all to tell me which was best when I realized that there are a TON of bathrooms out there with wood floors.  So many, in fact, that I decided the topic deserved it's own post.

I've looked at this picture a million times (it's in my bathroom file but I'm not sure why) and I just today realized it had wood floors.  So I'm indecisive and unobservant.  Great.  Anyway, I thought to mineself: self!  what the hell?  Aren't those floors going to warp.  I thought wood floors only came in bathrooms that looked like this:

Wood floors here are no surprise, and yes, they are lovely.  They seem to be in good shape so I don't know why they wouldn't work equally well in a modern bath.  Apparently, other homeowners share this thought:

I also came across a few painted wood floors in bathrooms:

But the award for my absolute favorite use of wood (floors) in the bathroom goes to this little gem.  The view doesn't hurt.

What do you guys think?  Would you ever lay wood floors in a bathroom?