Persian Rug Fever

Ok everyone, I have something to admit:  over the last few months my house, which once was pulled together with some semblance of design direction, has become the land of lost coffee tables:  a castaway island where craigslist comes to die.  Tired of living amongst the winnings of the thrift store lottery, I bribed Erin with booze to pretty please come over and help me refocus.  No more random tables!!! I cried while swiftly pouring double vodka tonics.  My living room needed a new direction and that direction, we both agreed was a Persian rug.

While just one persian rug will do for now, I plan to relocate here within the coming years.

Yes,  a warm red rug against my white floors, couch and table will get me back on track

These lights may not hurt either.  But the rug, the rug is my beacon shining in the night.

Of course, my whole inspiration was 2-year old Ike's room, which seems both totally ridiculous and absolutely appropriate.