Peace Out, McQueen

I know this is an interior design blog and we rarely, if ever, talk about fashion.  Honestly, I find fashion overwhelming sometimes and I prefer to just ignore it.  Every once in a while a designer manages to seep into my psyche and a can't help but love and adore everything they do.   Ok, so Lee Alexander McQueen was probably the only one.  Bizarre as the day was long, I never saw a single piece of his I didn't love.  Even the lobster shoes.  Yep, every last piece. McQueen famously steered clear of the paparazzi, sheltering his private life from the public eye.  Which, unfortunately for you means that he didn't leave any home tours in the wake of his death last week.  This is the closest glimpse I could find

but I'm pretty sure there's no home tour on earth as awesome as this video from his 1999 spring / summer show:

Ok everyone, next time you're taking a sip from your 40oz, show a little respect would you?  Pour some out for the man.