Our Slutty Master Bedroom -- Now With Pictures (But Not Those Kind)

Yesterday I had dreams of meticulously cataloging our bedroom with my camera. To that end I hid all the extra pillows required to comfort a huge pregnant belly to sleep. I stuffed the cardboard boxes full of maternity clothes into the bathroom (I patently refuse to integrate that disgusting crap into my actual wardrobe). I made up the bed. And then... I was tired. Exhausted, actually. Apparently I only have about 30 good minutes left in a day before I start getting shaky and weird.

But I am a warrior, so I took a few pictures anyway -- just not as many (or as mind bendingly awesome) as I had hoped for. But pictures, nonetheless. Let's do this.

erin williamson

First of all, THANK YOU SANDERS! for enduring sample harvest 2012, in which I set out to try every Benjamin Moore color ever made. I'm actually really happy with Dior Gray. Sometimes it's purple, sometimes bluish, sometimes just gray. Always soothing and comforting.

So, this is not the ultimate configuration for our tiny bedroom... the rocker will probably get switched out and I need new lampshades and I did not style the space at all.

But you know what? I don't like a lot of shit cluttering up my space. It makes me nervous. And while I've been in a mad rush to acquire big basic pieces before baby arrives, I do believe in slowly collecting only accessories that you really really love. So it will all get there. Someday.

erin williamson

But let's talk about that ho-tastic bedding. You know, I don't buy a lot of brand spanking new stuff. I like vintage, thrift, antiques. But I draw the line at undies and bedding. I mean, if you want to get crabs and bedbugs that's your decision. Me, I like the delicious feeling of unconquered territory when I lay me down to sleep.

That meant new bedding, because my old linens were looking pretty haggard. I'm not sure how I feel about those crazy coral sheets -- I did order a new set in "blush," hoping they might be a little less HEY STRIPPER!. And then there is the giant faux lynx blankie. Practical? Yes. It will hide a multitude of sins, like leaves and maybe even baby vomit.

erin williamson pop chalee

But maybe I like it better without?

erin williamson pop chalee

Or with? I'm on the fence. It's twin size so I could always use it to cover Ike's new big boy bed or a sofa.

erin williamson

Anyway, that's what I have going on so far. I didn't really buy anything except for paint, Ikea linen curtains and bedding, so it wasn't an exorbitant makeover. I painted the frame around the Pop Chalee print... I think that's it. Minimal effort sans the endless repainting.

Ok, so maybe not minimal effort.

In case you're wondering, all the bedding came from Overstock and it was super cheap. I think I got a bedskirt, sheets, new pillows and the fur blanket for $200. Not bad.

What's bad is that our bed looked like this for five minutes before Ike came in and tore everything up in a mad frenzy of trampoline inspired gymnastics.

And that's why I can't have anything extra nice. So this will have to do.

I'm off to cut mats and other unfun stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

*** UPDATE ***

I forgot to include a before pic...

My eyes!