Opart Giveaway!!

Good morning everyone!  Glad to see you all survived a night undoubtedly filled with panic and nightmares after Erin's haunted house tour yesterday.  You guys are some tough kittens and for that we would like to reward you!  How about an, um, I don't know, maybe a GIVE AWAY???!!! Hooray!  Everyone loves a give away.  Especially me because it makes me feel like Oprah.  We're very similar if you divide all of her accomplishments, bank accounts and loyal followers by approximately one hundred gazillion.  Enough about me, the real Oprah in this story is a lovely gentleman called Tim who sells his affordable photography prints under the name Opart on Etsy.  He's a rockin photographer who wants nothing more than to bring warmth and joy to your little hearts this holiday season.

Here's how this shit's going down:  I'll be posting several of Opart's pieces (I just couldn't narrow it down) you dudes pick your favorite one and leave a shout out in the comments section.  Next Tuesday, I will pick THREE WINNERS via the magic number generator et voila each of THREE WINNERS gets their favorite piece.  Don't worry if another winner also loves your fave, Tim is happy to print duplicates.

Here are your choices:

Carousel 1970, 8"x8"

Street Party, 8"x8"

Happy Holidays, 8"x8"

Zebra Number 3, 8"x8"

Almost a Unicorn, 10"x8"

Road King, 8"x8"

Gina, Venice Beach 1996, 8"x8"

Four Bee Eaters, 10"x8"

Five Humming Birds, 10"x8"

And just incase you can't wait until the big reveal next Tuesday, you can buy most of these prints for $25, which includes free shipping around the world through January 2010, here.

Happy commenting!

+++++++UPDATE: AS OF 6:30pm CENTRAL TIME, ENTRIES TO THE CONTEST ARE CLOSED.  Sorry loves, come back tomorrow to find out who one and next week for a BRAND NEW CONTEST++++++++