One Thing Leads to Another

Boy, The Fixx really knew what they were talking about. Move one thing in your house, and all of the sudden the entire pad needs an architectural overhaul, from floor to ceiling. I have 800 projects going on right now, and I'm at that stage where I'm ready to just move to someone else's house -- but not just any house. A house with flava. A house like this one, decorated by Parisian designer Sarah Lavoine, featured in Marie Claire Maison.

Perfect mix of elegance and levity -- a splash of graphic boldness anchored by somber darks and weathered antiques. None of the furnishings really pop out, nothing feels like an "it" piece, nothing smacks of furniture museum. Love.

Super hot door color, gorgeous herringbone floors, ceilings like a stairway to heaven... good gravy.

I want to marry this color palette and have rainbow spotted babies.

Utter restraint in the bedroom, but enough texture to keep things interesting. The charcoal door slays me.

Living room, you had me at Jill Greenberg. The aqua paint is not my fave, but I like that this room feels a bit riskier than the others. Guests need something to talk about... or cry about.

Ok I'm off to paint, or perhaps to hatch an elaborate plot to hijack this apartment, depending on how things go.

Happy weekend!