olympic design-bot

It's official, I've been completely overtaken by the olympics. I am now a giant Karly-shaped android here to tell you about Michael Phelps' gold medal bid over and over and over again. I love the games but I really don't want to hear one more word about my boyfriend's relay race with the French swimming team. It was awesome, I got it. Here's how much the olympics have taken over my brain: did anyone notice the little costumes worn by Finland's athletes during the parade of countries during the opening ceremonies?


uh, huh. that's right. Maija Louekari for Marimekko, bitches. Of course those sportsters are a dang season late, how much cooler would those have been last year? But, we've all seen the freaky gymnasts in their scrunchies so the Finns are really doing great by olympic standards. Don't worry, this is still a design blog. Check out the dress in it's original conception:

tear dress

so cute. I might choose not to squat while in the dress, but cute none-the-less. Maija is quite prolific, check out more of her fabric designs:

glasses dress

She's also the designer behind these Marimekko faves:


Aarre Dinnerware


Dadel Fabric, Nuppu Fabric, and Nonparelli Fabric

Some lesser-known Louekari pieces:


Tablecloth designed for the New Dining Luxury exhibition 2004

I love this, I really want to make a version for my 6 top table. My guests will hate me. ha ha.

wall tree

Tree for hanging stuff taped to wall.

I've seen a few things like this around lately, I'm pretty sure ferm has a version. I'm willing to bet that Maija's electrical tape tree was one of the first.

Did I mention that the Marimekko commissioned designer who just had her prints represent an entire country in front of billions of people was born in 1982? I have to go make myself a shot and design some fabric made from my very own, very real tears.