New Blogs on the Block

This month has been insane in the membrane:  In addition to starting my new gig, I'm also preparing for the onslaught that is SXSW.  Not only am I helping a client plan the free booze and music party of the century (more info to come on that), but I've also been asked to speak on a panel during the interactive festival.  The gold all-access pass I receive in exchange for 55 minutes of discussion almost makes the anxiety worth while.  Needless to say, between working, planning, and biting my nails, I've not had much time to do the thing I love most:  catch up with all you dudes.  Luckily, I was able to set aside some time this weekend to sift through everyone's design blog posts and to discover some new ones. 

Our good friend, the Nerdy Fashionista, aka NerF, has set fire to her previous blog of the same name, and from the ashes Designers Brew has risen.  NerF (sorry, you're not shaking it) has separated the wheat from the chaff and is now zeroing in on interiors and decor.  Every post to date has left me drooling, especially the one above, which featured a CRYSTAL HORSE in a restaurant restroom.

P.S. How cute is that little pot with all the designy stuff a-brewin in her header?

Another DC favorite blogger, Raina, of If the Lamp Shade Fits has managed to find a bit of time between dishing out snark, chasing around a 2 year old and keeping the peace down-under in order to start up a SECOND blog:  The Daily Bed.  Raina has made a promise, disputed by me, to keep her mouth shut and only post pretty pictures on her bedy-by blog. It's sad, but I tell ya, the pictures she's been posting are more than good enough to make up for the lack of verbage.

Cassie's blog, Roseland Green has only been around for a couple of months, but in that time she's managed to post some of the loveliest rooms online.  Pictured above is my vacation home.

The curated blog,, has much to do with fashion, music, art, and, oddly enough, lots of nudity and very little to do with interiors but I am almost always guarenteed to adore the things they post.  Very rarely do I see goods sourced from other blogs on this site, their content is always totally fresh and cohesive.  Bonus:  unlike Erin and I, they actually send out a really good newsletter.  We'll send ours out... someday.

The new-to-me blog Les Carnets Du Design is filled with lovely interiors and art posts, and, as a bonus, each post is written in both French and English.  Seriously, I have enough trouble crankin this stuff out in one language, I think I'd jump off my roof if someone told me I had to type up each post twice.  I do enjoy pretending to brush up on my French, however:  Ou est la biblioteque?  J'mappelle Karly!  Ouvrez la fenetre!  That's really all I've got.

Speaking of blogs across the pond, Swedish artist, Sandra, posts daily images of her life and work on her blog, Smosch.  Following the photo essays of trips to New York and Berlin makes me want to uproot myself to stow-away in her suitcase.  Not only does her life imitate art, it exceeds it.

I suspect that Pink Wallpaper has been around for a while (hello, Washington Post and New York Times mention), but I've only recently discovered it.  I spent an embarrassing portion of my weekend trying to track down the swan pictured above.  If anyone has a clue where to find it, pretty please let me know... I really don't want to have to make my own.  But I will.