My wishes for Erin's new son

Hello you delicious Design Crisis readers!  I'm Raina and I write a couple of interiors blogs, If The Lamp Shade Fits (design snark and pretty pictures) and The Daily Bed (just pretty pictures).  Erin and Karly have been with me since the early days of my first blog, and my posts are far more entertaining with their comments. I was tickled pink (or should I say "blue"?) to be invited to guest post while ErBear is on maternity leave.  I have been racking my brain for a week.  Erin's incredible sourcing and hilarious writing are big shoes to fill.

In the end, I decided to post a few wishes for EB's new baby boy.  I Googled the "wish" plus the word "room" and limited my selection to an image that appeared on the first two pages.

For you, Berin von Benanderin (until your fickle mother decides), I wish:

Happy Room


Patience Room


Health Room

"Health."  You and Mom will see a lot of one of these rooms soon.

Wisdom Room


Kindness Room


Humor Room


Empathy Room


Love Room

"Love."  Um, your parents will explain this to you in about ten years.