My Wedding, Version 2.0

When I got married a couple of years ago I had a bird-themed wedding.  It was pretty cute.  Today I stumbled across sculptures made from feathers by artist Kate MccGwire and have decided these would be the perfect center pieces for a new release of my wedding.  You're supposed to update everything these days, aren't you?

Ok, so my mother, who is severely creeped out by birds, probably would not come to this version of my wedding.  And she would leave a comment in the comments section about how she wouldn't pay for it either but I'm beating her to the punch.  But, whatever, if she wants to miss an alcohol infused soiree that takes place around this awesome sculpture, well, that's her business.

Enough about my mom and my fake second wedding, let's talk about this hot artwork.  I love how the feathers rise and fall to create a sea or a new life form.  In general, I'm a fan of anything en masse, when said grouping forms the illusion of a new object, well, I'm all in.

I can't seem to find any information of the numbers and letters that appear on these feathers.  Go ahead and tell me about it if you know.  I will tell you that I pretty much love this palette and am willing to use it in any room of my home.

Every time I look at these I see something different:  snakes, braids, brains, wild things huddled together.

Look!  A wedding-appropriate one.  Hey, I didn't have any white at my first wedding, maybe version 2.0 should be void of color.

For more of Kate's work, check out here site HERE