My Mind is Officially Blown

It's official.  I can completely and totally stop perusing the internet for any more art or design.  It's all over.  My mind has been blown and there's no topping it or going back.

Are you sitting down?  Seriously.  Get ready for me to tell you what's happening here:

So, here's the deal:  Cuban photographer Abelardo Morell creates these images ON WALLS via a little process you may have heard of called camera obscura.  Ok ok, backing up:  Morell blacks out the windows of rooms then cuts a small hole in the fabric he's used to shut out all the light.  That pinhole is used to expose the window's view onto the opposing wall.  He then takes a picture of the projection using a large format camera.  The film often takes up to 10 hours to expose.  Yeah.  It's bananas.  I don't even know if people say that anymore but I feel it's appropriate here.

Ok.  So I might maybe not shut down the blog tomorrow, but it's going to be a long long time before I stumble upon something this mind-blowingly good again.

UM, PS. How amazing are the views from each of those rooms, by the way?