Move-In Ready

I guess I've been living under a rock because I just today caught a first glimpse of fashion designer David Delfin and his luva, photographer Gorka Postigo's Spanish home.  And, well, let me tell you, I wouldn't change much.  Ok, maybe I'd swap out a piece of artwork or two when little junior has a playdate, and perhaps the little art "installation" over the bed could take a permanent vacay, but other than that, really, it can stay as is.

For the record:  those creepy baby heads would not move an inch under my watch.  I've been working towards a creepy bust collection for years but they are surprisingly hard to get your hands on.  I'm maxing out at 2 really good ones and 1 medium good one right now.

In other news:  my love affair with white walls is still going strong.

In other other news:  Erin and I would like to send a big, fat, congratulations to the King of Paint, Sanders, who just became a dad for the second time around on Sunday.  He and his wife welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  Welcome MacKenzi, xoxo to your whole family!