More Office Inspiration

Sorry for the late post today, yesterday was my wedding anniversary and the hubs and I went to dinner so I didn't write my post last night.  Bad!  Bad Karly!  As promised on Monday, I've rounded up more office inspiration, let's see if you smarty pants can guess what these pictures have in common:

So we've figured it out by now?  Man, you guys are AMAZING!  So, yeah, I love things en masse, cluster up just about anything and I'll swoon.  I have lots of colorful art in simple frames that is poised to be hung all about my office salon-style.  Here are more inspiration pics

Ok, this isn't quite the look I'm going for, but I do have a pair of antlers that might make the cut

As part of the magical "heirloom" collection my mother sent, I received a couple of pieces that are not unlike these.  The giant gold guilded frames may or may not find a home in my office.  

Ok, it's a bit much.  I also don't like that couch or the stacked spools of thread.

Yes, I've shown you this before, but who can get enough of that table????  Oh, wait, I mean that clustered art????

Clean Cluster

Crazy Cluster!

Karly Cluster!

That's me in my old apartment about 4 or 5 years ago.  I won't be revisiting the empty frames motif in my current space, I just wanted to show that the cluster art thing isn't a new theme for me.