Monday Monday

I just wanted to say a big squeaky THANK YOU for all of your kind comments regarding my pregnant bedresty stuff. Reading some of your sweet words may have brought genuine tears to my eye -- like real live water rolling down my face -- but if asked in a court of law I will deny that sissified behavior. DENY. Because I have a rough and tumble image to maintain. Let's get down to business. World of Interiors -- it's so big it can't be corralled into, say, County of Interiors. Or even Nation of Interiors. Honestly, I think perhaps they could have gone with Solar System of Interiors, tagline: "as seen in the Hubble Telescope." They certainly have enough superstar photography to form their very own constellation. Not to mention the intergalactic scope of decor they feature.

Do I spy the makings of the coolest boys' room ever?

Team Multiple Oriental on steroids!

Old school tuberculosis sanatorium or incredible dining room?

I love the scale/pattern contrast of floors and wallpaper.

The light touch with photoshop is so refreshing -- all the cracked and peeling plaster is left to charm

your pants off... And into bed.

Now, if you're bored please go see my front room up on Remodelista.

Apparently Dark Harbor is the color du jour.

Thanks again, Sanders!

Oh, and I'm also about to pin a bunch of these to my pinterest like a narcissistic  ass.

Come join the fun and feed my ego!