ModFruGal's Mini-Tour

Whatup DC readers! I'm ModFruGal, and I'm feelin' pretty lucky to be here...for one, Karly and Erin are superb style mavens I admire, and two, I'm not showing you a house 3 feet under water. You see, my poor city of Nashville had a pretty solid ass-kicking over the past several days. I'm posting this from my Crafty Counterpart's office since he has fancy things like electricity, phones and internet here. So, now that I'm in the land of the connectivity, I have the chance to show you our evolving digs...still very much a work in progress.

The CC and I bought the Regal Beagle almost 2 years ago and have been workin' it ever since. Think cottage cheese ceilings and smelly green shag as far as you can see...yeah, baby..that's the stuff...home sweet home. We are a little nuts like that.

We'll start outside and work our way in, shall we?

True story: I actually met someone who came to look at this house when it was on the market and turned around and left before they ever got to the top of the driveway. Serious.

The exterior alone was enough to repel them without even looking inside. Probably because the house had several hundred holes in the cedar siding which allowed the critters in the adjacent state park some free rent. After 6 months of repeated patching and various failed attempts to repel the wildlife from the house, we knew we had to re-side. Now we have a metal fortress. Here we go.....Pictures!

We are still tackling some of the landscaping (that didn't wash away) as we speak so, limited snaps at the mo.

It's taken awhile to get things going inside...A lot of my old furniture was weirdly out of scale for the new house. We came from a 1912 house with small chopped up rooms to an open 70's modern home, so it has taken some time to sell off the old and scrounge flea markets, e-bay and Craigslist for the "new to us" stuff. It's sloooowly coming together. Here's the living room before and now. There is no "after" in my always changes. Oooh...let's say that in a Yoda voice..."There is no after, only now." Heh...yeah, that's creepy.

....and the dining room.......

....and the kitchen........this was a doozy. There's no IKEA in Nashville, so we packed up Thing One and Thing Two and drove 3.5 hours to Atlanta to get our kitchen. For the first 2 months we lived here, we had to set up shop in the dining room on camping tables while we slowly assembled the honkin' Swedish jigsaw puzzle that is now our kitchen. Best birthday present ever was the more showering with cutting boards! Ah...good times.

Since the dining room is RIGHT NEXT to the kitchen, we built a breakfast bar to keep the doorway clear.

Then there's the Master Bedroom...I'm still not feelin' it in here...

Yes, the bed is on the floor and yes, we are heathens who watch TV in bed. I don't know what to put over the bed, I just finished painting those orange tables and haven't gotten the glass cut yet...I don't think they'll stay there. Translation of rambling: MB needs tweaking all around, but it's home and it will evolve in due time as everything does.

There's still a LOT to do around here...namely bathrooms...back to work!

Thanks so much to Karly and Erin for having me over to hang out today!