MLS House Tour Part 1

Thursday our house goes on the market and I am shitting bullets. Or bricks. Or sweating. Or all of the above. I'm not sure how we're supposed to survive a parade of strangers traipsing through our supposedly spotless home at all hours when we own a toddler who naps and makes messes, period. If you have any experience with this, please help me. On to the tour -- today I'm featuring the public spaces. Now, you will be inclined to redecorate and nitpick but rest assured that I have already considered 1000x over every criticism you may levy against my "staging." Having the entire house clean at once and then photographing it all before the kidlet destroyed it was no easy task. Trying to appeal to buyers who do not share my taste in odd furnishings stumped me more than once. So with that in mind, let's do this.

front yard



kitchen 1

kitchen and laundry


kitchen and dining

dining and entry

living room and bar

living wide view

living window


 And that concludes our first portion of the tour. Come back Thursday to see what I forgot to remove from the master bedroom before I photographed it...

If I don't laugh at myself, I might just cry.