Michael Kenna

Friends, I know I promised you another episode in the ongoing Sofas Of Our Lives (SOOL) drama, but I'm afraid it will have to wait until next week because my day job is currently keeping me too busy to shoot the pictures for it. It seems that providing 24/7 childcare, non stop maid service, and daily culinary master minorpieces, is incredibly time consuming. I think I've hit a wall. Now, I know I can't really complain since we are lucky to be healthy and happy (and also since a certain someone I know has THREE young boys), but in the 11 months since sweet baby Ike arrived, I have been out to dinner alone with my husband once. I really need a vacation. In an effort to be positive, I will get a little bragadocious and announce that I got my first photo credit in the New York Times (cough) blog for a shoot I did of Birds Barbershop. Obviously I am only steps away from becoming a famous photographer -- the kind of fancy person who can hire a babysitter, a maid, and a personal chef.

While we're waiting for my ship to come in, I'll stop yapping long enough for you to check out these beautiful images by a real famous photographer, Michael Kenna.

My favorite images are of the graphic, zen like Japanese countryside, and of chaotic rambling French ruins.  As usual, my tastes are nothing if not divided. And of course, it doesn't hurt that I would love to visit both places.

What do you think? Japan or France? Let's take a mental vacation together.

Happy Friday. See you next week.