Maxi Lamp, Mini Tour

Somehow, I managed to sneak in a ton of grownup fun this past week/end, which has been super amazing, but also exhausting. The good news is that stuff has been happening at the house, mostly because I furiously cleaned and rearranged the place before my guest arrived, but also because we ventured more than a mile from the house and did some real shopping. HOORAY! Guess what I bought? You'll never guess...

erin williamson

My lighting obsession forced me to load up The Hunny and Ike and drive waaaaaaaaaaaay far away, to the southern wilds of Austin, where this golden whale of a lamp was patiently awaiting escape from its scary creepy, soon to be ex, owners. Thank goodness I was able to rescue it.

erin williamson

Happily it was not terribly abused, although it has some fritzy wiring issues (exposed wires: dangerous, or super dangerous for children?), and it's a lil dented, and the odd scuff and scrape mar its gorgeously golden visage, but you know what? She is beautiful to me.

erin williamson

Look! Another picture of her... photo overkill? Well, too damn bad. I'm pretty excited about the way she frames the room. Also, the purchase of this lamp allowed me to get rid of two other lamps that were annoying me. Also, you are not allowed to make fun of the twisty lamp on the console, because even though it, too, is annoying, it's only temporary. Let's face it -- next month this will probably look like a totally different room.

ike's room

Since I bought the arc lamp, I had to do something with the living room lamps, so they went into our bedroom. But then I had to do something with the old bedroom lamps, so they went into Ike's room. Aww, look, two bald eagles are keeping watch over the guest bed in Ike's room -- the room that doesn't even have a crib in it because Ike is still sleeping in our room. That's another, totally different, story, but it does explain why I don't have any pictures of the lamps in our bedroom (because I didn't feel like cleaning it, and also there is a giant crib in the middle of the room that will probably never, ever leave. Sigh).

erin williamson

Anyway, I couldn't just stop with the lamp because I was getting used to the feel of money flying out of my pockets, so I bought this crazy ass smoked glass diamond mirror thing, which I thought was going in the hallway...

erin williamson

But duh, even a ding dong could tell that it's way too big for the space. Now what am I going to do with that stupid mirror? It's not wide enough to go over the console table. Obviously I am out of shopping practice.


For absolutely no reason I am ending this post with a gratuitous picture of Brian, because he is such a handsome boy, and he makes me happy.

Hope y'all enjoyed the fruits of my shopping labors. I worked REALLY HARD at buying these fine, fine items, but now I am broke and will have to make do with spraypaint and ingenuity for the time being. Don't worry -- I'll find something to paint if it kills me. I'm on a roll.