Magically Delicious

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with painting and cleaning. Ok, and maybe eating. The Inlaws kept Ike Saturday night so we could go out on a date, and I somehow found myself  faceplanted in a ginormous stack of fried donuts stuffed with cream cheese and bananas, drizzled with caramel sauce, and smothered with cinnamon ice cream. I think I had a When Harry Met Sally moment in the restaurant, but hours later as my rapidly shrinking underwear began digging into my butt cheeks, I felt a little remorseful for bingeing.

No I didn't. That was the most delicious thing I have even eaten.

These rooms are delicious, too. How do you like that segue?

Art. Art. Art. Scale. Edible coffee table.

Everyone needs an amphora served with a slice of hot pink pie in their life.

Like a lemon meringue -- crisp and frothy yet satisfying.

Later, taters. I have to go briskly waddle around in hopes of burning off some of those sweet delicious calories.

Worth it.

[Images via pinterest]