Look! New Kitchen Pictures (Because I Have Avoidance Issues)

I have been working so hard at avoiding Christmas shopping that I deep cleaned my range top rather than making a list and checking it twice. Sure, my family will cry cartoon sized tears of sadness when they realize Santa must have found them to be naughty rather than nice, but at least our kitchen is clean. And to further squander my precious (nearly non existent) free time, I took pictures of our new Ikea shelves and artwork.

You may recall that we completely remodeled our kitchen over a year ago, but if you'd like to check out the whole story, click here. We finished the bare minimum literally a week before Ike was born, so we didn't have time to accessorize or even install the shelves I had planned for. It looked pretty barren over by the sink:

My spice rack wasn't even full. But at least the paper towel holder was a klassy touch.

Too bad our kitchen has the worst. lighting. ever. Hunny Bunny caught me with my tripod in the kitchen making 10 second exposures and asked me why I was shooting in complete darkness. Maybe someday if I have an even BIGGER issue to avoid, I will actually whip out my light kit and make real pictures. Anyway, you get the idea. Shelves: check. Thrifted tchotchkes that will likely be rearranged on a daily basis according to the whims and vagaries of my highly mutable temperament: check. No more paper towel holder: check.

I was feeling the primary colors when I picked up that nifty cubist painting (must be a long lost Picasso, right?) at Round Top for $30. I snagged the vintage lithograph of the Roman forum at le thrift store for $2.99. Look, I filled my spice rack. Also, it is 1:02 pm.

I'm still on the fence about the brass light. Ok, I'm not even on the fence. I picked up a huge vintage round glass fixture with a black chain that will be perfectish kitchen over the sink, but I've been too lazy to install it... so far. Christmas isn't here yet, right? I'm liking the shelves, though. We used Ikea's Ekby series, and the finish matches our cabinets perfectly.

That's really all I have for you today, but I'm trying to squeeze in more time to photograph mini house updates. I created a new category on the right column called Erin's House, where you can track the evolution of our humble abode over the last two and a half years (good gravy, I've been blogging forever!). I made a category for Karly, too, but she'll have to file all her own projects when she returns after the new year...

I can't put off this Christmas shopping forever, you know.