Longo Follow Up, Follow Up

My mind is drawing a blank in the whole "words" department, which makes the fact that I've decided to do 2 posts today even more perplexing.  I'll spare you the agony of reading my forced sentences and let my pictures speak their 1,000 words, well, with some exceptions. In a follow-up to Erin's post yesterday, I wanted to show you these Longo knockoffs:

Rather than committing suicide, this stockbroker is harnessing the power of grayskull

These two are basking in the glory of their own hotness.

This is all the product of a collaboration between Zach Johnson and photographer Don Flood.  Flood's portfolio shows these fashion photographs:

Imagine this spread in any major fashion magazine right now (it must have been in one?).  It's kinda perfect, right?  But as soon as you take the models away from their stark white backgrounds and start painting a bunch of fluff around them, you loose all that is Longo.  The loss would be fine if the nod to their predecessor begot something fantastic, or something even better than the original, but those doodely dads up at the top are just plain silly.  Sometimes well-enough really should be left alone.

Real-life-honest-to-god interiors coming your way later.