Lightning Only Strikes the Same Place a Thousand Times

We are experiencing a major drought here in Texas.  My once lush green lawn is now on life support and with the city's water restrictions the prognosis isn't good.  Everyone in the lone star state has their hands clasped together in prayer for some serious serious sky water.  So, I'm not sure if I just have rain on the brain or if there really is a lightning bolt trend happening out there in the rest of the irrigated world.

This glorious wallpaper has been in my office wall inspiration folder for some time now.  I've written about the magic of Minakani wallpaper before and my love for them has only grown stronger since releasing this design.  Since my office renovation is scheduled to start next week (I'm doing it myself and just took a couple days off) I've had this design on my mind.

Then, low and behold, I spotted this genius art piece on one of my favorite blogs Me Melodia:

If ever I had the need to have a urinal in my home, it would most certainly be this Duchamp knockoff with lightning bolts by Hellovon.

Bombarded by TWO badass lightning bolt images, I decided to super sleuth the possible trend to see what else I could find.  Here's what I dug up:

Admittedly, much of what I found was clothing - but doesn't fashion usually preempt home decor?  There were gazillions of lightning bolt earrings, so, assuming that you've probably already seen them, I excluded them and only picked the best of the best.  This Miss Miln Lightning Dress from Asos certainly takes the cake.  If I had my way I would buy it and time warp back to 199X so I could wear it to the prom, then maybe I would have had a good time.  Note to self:  find a new date, too.

This lightning bolt skirt is feeding my craving for all things bright yellow.  And short.  At only $30 from Karma Loop, I think it just may become mine.  How rad would I look in my new lightning bolt office with this skirt?  It's totally work appropriate, right?

Don't worry dudes, I did find a few lightning items that will dress up your den, not your booty.  Like this watercolor from Etsy user HellsSewingCircle

Or this stamp set from another etsy artist, WhimsyByJess.  Get a load of that green background, pretty rad, Aye?

This laptop cover by another etsy user MichelleChristina will trendify your mac lighning quick

And finally, one last fashion image.  Sorry, but I thought it was too cute to pass up.  Etsy user Aeon's lightning tee

Real quick like I want to say Thanks so much to Waxyhearts for her awesome guest post yesterday and Jen for her yellow, black and white roundup on Friday!  Stay tuned this week for lots of fun and excitement:  Tomorrow Even Cleveland will be ripping your heart out with some to-die-for-designs.  I'll pose a design question for the ages on Thursday and Friday you really really won't want to miss:  our own Mrs. Erin will be dropping by to give you all an update on la bambino and to finally make a public reveal of his little name.  Sadly, it's not Berin.