Lighting By The Meter

I've recently made the life decision to take my ceiling fan out of my office.  It's ugly and I don't use it enough to justify it's miserable existence.  The office is mid-transformation right now, more on that in the coming weeks, so I've got my eye out for something big, white, and awesome.  This one fits the bill:

This Chandelier by the Meter by Jordy Fu is literally sold by the meter.  Made of 25-sided modular sections, you can buy one section, 100, or any number in between.  The chandelier can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit your space.

It's so complex, I can't imagine how it is made, or how it comes apart.  Whateves, it would look swank in my office.

So, you know how I usually do short posts on Friday and long ones on monday, but last week i gave you a nice long friday post?  well, today I'm making up for it.  But swing back by tomorrow for some Erin magic and then AGAIN on Wednesday for a REALLY good ask Sanders post.  Don't you just love that Sanders?  Aren't you excited to see him again?  Yeah, me too.