Leos Rule

Over the past weeks I have started writing 500 amazing posts about art and design as well as projects I am working on, but then I get waylaid by said projects and this here blog suffers the ignominy of playing second or third or last place fiddle. Also I live in fear of rejection... what if my first post in forever isn't good enough? Truth is, it never will be. Stage fright is the thief of awesomeness. Whatever. It's time to get back in the saddle because a very important event has forced itself upon us and must be addressed. Today is my birthday. Who am I kidding? This is the worst day of the year. But there is one redeeming factor to consider, for it is the only time of the year I suspend my belief in reason and succumb to the whims and half baked vagaries of mysticism. I'm talking about astrology.

fornasetti lion and sun

Logically, believing that all people born within the same arbitrary date set share similar characteristics makes zero sense. And yet... we leos do run in packs so it's easy to note that there is some common cross section. Pareidolia? Perhaps. But if you're a leo, see if you can check off these boxes with me: we are vain but generous. We are honest and loyal. We are bossy little jerks and we like to get our way because we are always right. We have good hair.

We also have the best sigils, and because we are king of the zodiac we get two! Everyone loves the sun, and everyone loves lions. Unless they are Lannisters.

fornasetti sun wallpaper

henri rousseau lion

fornasetti sun

design crisis |leos rule

design crisis | leos rule

design crisis | leos rule

sun room

design crisis | leos rule

design crisis | leos rule

I've had several of these things on the brain for a while now, things like Henri Rousseau everything. I need for my entire house to look like those paintings, and plan to move in that direction as soon as I have more than two spare seconds (and dollars) to rub together. And when I am finished executing that marvelous vision, I will put a giant honking brass lion door knocker on top and call it a day.

While you contemplate that deliciousness, I will be putting on face putty and nice clothes and maybe even high heels, and pretending that I am not old... at least not yet. Another year bites the dust.

At least I have goodish hair.