Kitchens that Make Me Happy (None of Which are Mine)

Thanks for all your comments, advice, and encouragement on yesterday's pink dinette post. It feels good to have one tiny thing accomplished, but I'm also totally overwhelmed when I consider the millions of things I've yet to tackle. For that reason, I'm putting off my shabby kitchen post until next week. I just don't think I can handle picking out cabinet paint colors when I have two rooms to paint this weekend, wallpaper to order, furniture to consider, piles of unfinished laundry, and a sugar laden school function to attend this afternoon.

Oh, and we did buy a new car yesterday -- which was a wholly exhausting experience. I would consider painting it with gold chevron pinstripes and adding teal all weather mats, but the decorating budget is circling the drain after that purchase.

Forget all that. Let's look at some amazing, totally unattainable  kitchens that I want to lick.

Need I remind you of the unattainable part?

Next week we will discuss what can be done in the next six weeks with my shabby brown kitchen before I'm too fat and pregnant to move, and must depend on crappy reality tv for survival.

I'm just too tired and poor to even ponder that bizness right now.

Sorry to be Debbie Downer.

Happy Friday!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

[images via pinterest]