I've got (almost) nothing

I have to admit, everyone, I actually only planned my posts through the end of last week.  I had sorta kinda hoped that Erin would be taking over as head mistress of Design Crisis while I was at home nursing my new babe.  Alas, twas not yet to be and little Mystery Pants is still camped out in mommy's belly.  It's cool, we're keeping busy.  But, as a result, I'm drawing a bit of a blank when it comes to today's post.  I did find this radical video, directed by DC fave, Banksy for American Institution The Simpsons:

And just to keep the Banksy theme going, here's a shot of Banksy's most recent work to pop up on the streets of London:

Yep, that's all.  If I'm here on Thursday, and I bet I will be, I promise to blow your dang pants off with some spectacular design.  Or at least write something funny.