It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White

Ok, so yesterday I tried to be all tasteful, because I expect you people get tired of some of the weirdo stuff I often post. (But seriously -- who doesn't want a plywood house???) Anyhoo, today I am feeling mischievous and spry, kind of like a leprechaun on acid, although I should probably feel like something more holiday appropriate. Perhaps like the great pumpkin on PCP? And by the way, have I mentioned exactly how little sleep I am getting lately? Like, maybe four hours a night, and not in one stretch? IT REALLY MESSES WITH YOUR BRAIN. After a while you pass tired and head directly to crazy. I digress. For this fun Friday post, I'm featuring more lighting, and as an added bonus I'm allowing you to share in my hallucinatory state.

simon schubert

Simon Schubert

terence koh

Terence Koh -- this one has poo in it (among other things).

Hey guess what else is going on? K-Dawg will be back to blogging on Monday!!! Be sure to tune in and show her some sweet sweet loving so she will never ever leave us again. I know you all missed her so.

Have a far out Friday!