Irregular Sectionals

Whatup Thursday!  I'm here for my SECOND longish post this week and will be waiting patiently at the end for my big, fat prize.  I get something grand for posting more than 2 pictures and typing, like, 5 funny sentences, right? I know Erin already seduced you sectionally, but I just found a bunch of irregularly  shaped sectionals in my interiors folder so that's what you're getting today.  You can't have too much of a good thing, right?

Guess what?!  I don't know where this is from.  That's what happens when I pull things at random from my inspiration folder.  BUT I heard your cries for documentation on Tuesday so I'll be more careful from here on out.  Today is my last day (probably) of laziness.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for hooking me up with the source of this photo!!  Looks like it's from m. design

My fantasy sofa.

I was really torn on whether or not to show you this sofa from The Selby (huh, huh, look at that, I know where it's from), it's not really irregular, but I figured there was enough curve and groovy pattern that we could let it fly.

This round beauty belongs to fellow blogger ModFruGal and was featured on our blog when she gave us her drool-worthy home tour.

Ok, where's my prize?