I'm Not a Chicken, You're a Turkey

Did you guys hear that tomorrow is Thanksgiving?  Yep, it is so.  In honor of this slightly bizarre holiday, today I'm going to take you on a photo tour of deluxe hotels in (wait for it)... Turkey! Yum. While it is true that I have put a moratorium on holiday travel, I think it will be just fine to take a virtual vacation to any of these fine resorts.  Race you to the pool!

The Adam & Eve Hotel, in Belek, Turkey

Looking for a little more Turkey in your Turkey?  Try the Marmara Bodrum Hotel in, where else? Marmara

Well, If you're going to fly all the way to Turkey, for crying out loud, you outta at least spend one night in Istanbul.  I suggest you stay at the Witt Suites:

And finally, if you totally want your face rocked off, stay at the Hillside Su Hotel in Antalya:

So, what does everyone say, shall we start a new Thanksgiving tradition?  I mean, really, no one actually likes turkey as a meal, perhaps next year we should all pack our bags and chow down on the real Turkey?