I'll have the wheatgrass with a side of wheatgrass

Today's post is so random I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.  I wanted to tell you all about my fantasy dining experience in MIlan, but then I got all distracted by a crazy wall in the restaurant, and well, the rest is about to be history: Let's start with a make-believe dinner party at Home Made:

home made 1

I bet you're thinking that between those tricky 2-D / 3-D wall lanterns and the big fluffy hanging lamp I can pack up my bags and call it a day; after posting such perfection, why bother showing anything else? Well, here's why:

home 2

The pig or the wall?  The pig or the wall?  Which to discuss, I feel so Sophie's choice.  Let's get the pig out of the way, I'm going to go wall crazy on you in a matter of minutes.  So, Pig.  Yes, that pig is pure hot pink perfection (and I don't even like pink!) I'm wondering if there's some pig shaped mold out in the world that was used to form this.  If so, where is it and can I borrow it for just, like, half and hour?  La sigh.

I'm so in love with the way that Home Made is so fancy but still seems completely laid back.  I love beauty but pretension makes me squirm (or kick and hit) so this place looks like a great landing spot.

Now, on to the amazing plant wall.  It's so dramatic and textured and colorful yet so simple... and attainable!  It reminds me of Patrick Blanc's vertical gardens, which I have been drooling over for some time, yet had NO idea how to wrap my green thumbs around such a huge knock-off task.  Regardez:

vertical garden1

and just to make you cry:

vertical garden 2

I have visions, crystal clear visions of my dining room wall covered floor to ceiling in one of Patrick's walls but I have neither the funds to afford a personal commission (can you imagine?!) or the hydroponic skills to engineer such an installation.  My daydream always ends with a very real visualization of dirt covered floors and water damaged walls.  And a grossly high nursery bill.

The wall at Home Made seems so much more, well, home make-able:  1.Find someone who can identify plants and ask them what the heck those are. 2. get some white shelves. 3. get some white planters.  4. Arrange, enjoy.  Right?  Must be!

Just incase you're tempted by the grassy green walls but aren't quite ready to purchase 87 white planters, here are a couple of other options for bringing the dirt and worms in: 

grass bench

Nomad Grass Lounger by Matt Gagnon

I really hate that picture (doesn't it feel so photoshopped?), but it's the best way to see the whole thing.  I like this one more:

grass bench 2

I really love how home made this feels.  So many objects of my affection feel so produced.  You feel like you have to have your masters in industrial design and a friend of a friend at a manufacturing plant in Tokyo just to even think about ever creating your own.  This feels very real, and like something the hubby and I could make with a trip to home depot.  I actually think this could be really cute sitting in a yard.

One more grass goody:

umbrella stand

Take Care Umbrella Stand

I love this idea, which also feels very make-able to me.  But it really bothers me that the grass in this photo is not perfectly green to the roots.  They are trying to sell this product, photoshop that bitch... but not as much as the photoshopping in the bench picture.  Gosh, I guess I'm not hard to please at all.

So, there you have it.  A wandering rambling tour of a bunch of grassy trendy foody stuff.  Wasn't this almost as fun as that time we ran through the grassy Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly while David Bowie was trying to kidnap our half-brother?  Almost?