If I Had a Real Workspace, Maybe I Could Get Some Real Work Done

I'm completely, totally overwhelmed by the HUGE mess in our office that all the stuff displaced from Ike's room redo has made. Hangars are piled high in plastic drifts, second tier art is stacked against shelves, and boxes of crap lurk in every corner. I know I need to hunker down and get busy in there, but HB has been gone all week and I am on single parent duty until Friday. In other words, I barely have two spare seconds to rub together. So, let me get to the point. While many of you may be dreaming of fantastic bedrooms, or glorious kitchens, or vast and perfect living spaces, I am fantasizing about a clean and well organized office space -- well, that and daycare.

This would do (for the office... it's a little spartan for a daycare facility):

Marie Claire Maison

It's very film noir, yes? I could do without the fleet of rotary phones -- I'm not a switchboard operator. But I love the walls, the floors, the jielde, the amazing card catalog, and that killer desk. That sucker is like the Moby Dick of Art Deco. Moby Dec? I want to spear it and bring it home with me.

Anyway, that's what I'm thinking about. One room in our house is totally finished, and now the rest of the house is looking shabby by comparison. This is how we roll in perpetual renovators anonymous.