I Think They Got The Alias That You've Been Livin Under

Whatup Whatup home-trons?! Happy Thursday to all and welcome back to partial health me!  Thanks for the link-love during the deepest, darkest moments of my illness last Tuesday, it certainly helped to propel me back into the land of the living.  I'm still a little medicine-heady, which will become evident as this post unfolds but, hey, I'm here and I'm ready to get down to business. In addition to battling the dumbest flu ever, I've been working with Matty Pants to welcome the newest addition to our rapidly growing herd family

Welcome Gloria Yikes!  Weighing in at 6 whole pounds, this little kitten was found by Matt last week on a job site starving and looking for a couple of suckers to take her in love.  We immediatly took her to the vet, had her checked for every kitty disease under the sun and got her lady parts fixed.  Once she got a clean bill of health she was brought into the fam and is now living, er, tolerating, her new brother and sisters, Magnus, Laser and Rowdy.

Because this is a legitimate design blog and I don't want to lose my street cred, here are some pictures that I* found that seem slightly relevant to my new kitty post.

*It should be noted that when I emailed Erin asking her if she knew of any good cat related design material to include in today's post she sent me this very same link.  Crazytown!

Artist Michael Tiger has created his Are You Tiger series to draw attention to the White Tiger, which is in danger of extinction.  (you can join is facebook tiger group here).  You know I became a fan of that nonsense with a quickness because I'm pretty much a sucker for any sort of animal in people clothing (see the zebra in the upper left corner).  Here are more pieces from his homespun ad campaign:

Gloria Yikes was quite excited to have a post written in her honor today, when she saw these pictures she insisted, via sweet little kitten meows, that I make her a personalized Are You Tiger series.  Since she was on the brink of extinction only a few days ago, I figured it was in keeping with the spirit of the ads and said:  yes, Ms. Yikes, I WILL make you your own portrait series via the magic of photoshop.

Gloria Yikes as Conan the Barbarian

G.Y. as Lady Gaga

Are you starting to see the pseudoephedrine cloud I'm living under?

And, because I'm a democratic cat mommy, here are all my cat babies as the Three Amigos.  They're pretty much living the dream right here.

In other news, my bestest friend from college, Sarah, and her husband, Andy (Anders to those that read our comments) are coming into town from Albuquerque tonight!  Hooray!!!  Perhaps I should have photoshopped their heads on something too?  Well, there's always next week.