I Think I Might Actually Like This

This evening I finally got to go on a date with my blog friend, Andrea, as if spending hours talking design with her wasn't enough, she topped it all off by sending me a link to the most insane toiletries I've ever seen.  If I were living in my forever house and never had to worry about resale value, I could actually see myself considering these.  Come on, they're hilarious, right?

Ok, please overt your eyes from the dreadful shower curtain(S!) and brown wall treatment.  Ignore the fact that this is shot in a studio and no one would ever have three little cups perfectly aligned on a chair.  Imagine this GOLD TUFTED BATHTUB (can you believe that sequence of words exists?) in a stark, white modern bathroom.  Kinda awesome, yes?

You can at least go for this seat, right?  Ok, I know it's probably the ugliest seat ever to show it's face on the planet earth, but there's something about it that I just kind of adore.  sorry.

I know you all are hating me right now and trying to delete DC from your RSS feed, but what about white?  Again, please ignore the bead trimmed(!!!) curtains.   And the silver base.  Imagine it in gold.

Almost too nice to pee on.

Incase you're planning to race out and buy one for your own home, these babies are made by Lineatre.  

Thanks, Andrea!  You'll see that other post we discussed on here Monday