I Never Really Been So I Don't Really Know

Big News Dumplings:  Matty and I have decided to go to Mexico for 5 days for our anniversary this fall. Hooray!!!  There's so much culture and so many ruins and, oh, the food!  Guess what?!  We won't be seeing ANY of it.  Nope, not one bit.  We are going to be such tourists that we probably won't even leave the comfort of our all-inclusive resort long enough to say ¿dónde está el soporte del taco?  Look, all inclusive means free booze and infinity pools so, pray tell, why would I leave? I spent a few minutes thinking that I should forgo all-inclusive and instead stay in one of the hotels I've been lusting after.  I did some research and found some gems in Playa Del Carmen (our destination) with rates within our budget.  2 small snags:  Neither had drinks included and both were a block from the crystal clear ocean.  I don't care if Phillip Stark was conceived in the pretty hotels, if you're not giving me free drinks or the beach, you're not part of my vacay.  I will feature you on my blog, however.

Hotel I passed up #1:  Hotel Basico

See!!!  That is concrete, not crystal clear water

Oh, but maybe I could just stay in the room the whole time

And try to squint to see the ocean.  It may be worth it, right?

I could pay a few extra dollars to have my selection from this quaint fruit stand.

Oh, but those roof-top tubs don't look much like an infinity pool, or a lazy river that wraps around a Disney-sized resort.

This is probably the only view of Hotel Basico I'll get in person.

Denied Hotel #2 Hotel Deseo

I am a sucker for pool-side beds with canopies.  I wonder how much drink service costs on one of those bad boys.

And a hammock in the room DOES tug at my heart strings.

Why can't you have free drinks??!!

Yep, this is probably all I'll be seeing of the Deseo.

You know why?  Because I'm totally going to be rockin it like this:


In other news, I'm going to be out of town tomorrow so you're going to have to live with these photos until Monday when Me Melodia stops by with some awesome collages.  

I'll be back on Tuesday to announce the Tam Tam stool winner.  Remember, you have until Monday night to enter.  If you haven't already, don't be scared, I don't keep your email addresses or use your information or anything creepy like that.  Really, I'm not that organized.

Kisses and happy early weekend everyone!