I Make Woody Allen Look Well Adjusted

Sometimes I think I have a problem, and sometimes I know I do. Here's my issue du jour: retroactive shopping. After I buy things, I keep on shopping for the same (better?) things. My mania reaches fever pitch when I make major purchases. Case in point: after we bought a house I trolled the mls for MONTHS worried that a better house might pop up... it didn't, and I felt all justified and vindicated in our mega sweet buy. But what if the most amazing house in the world had popped up? That's just setting oneself up for disaster.

Anyway, know what I can't stop looking at? Curtains. That's right -- I already bought some. But I want more.

Simple yellow with invisible tiebacks.

Pinch pleat with oversized rustic rod.

High contrast burgundy taffeta (burgundy is baaaccckkk).

Greigey violet matched to wall color with uber skinny brass rods... I die.

Nick Olsen shock of cobalt in a neutral room with punchy accents.

More Nick Olsen, this time he does those curtains up righteous. Ball fringe with matching tie backs!

Joe Nye super ballsy pattenered curtains and matching cornice.

Golden showers... with balls.

But no new curtains today. What I do need are some roman shades. I'm thinking of something like this for the nursery:

Anyone have a good but cheap source for custom roman shades? I just need plain fabric with a blackout lining. My sweet MIL can sew the ribbon trim on.

That's all for today, folks. I have family in town so I'll be on and off the computer, but I promise to frantically check your comments for golden shopping nuggets of wisdom.