I Birds Austin

Lately I've been very busy.  Ok, so I say that every other day, but this time I mean really really busy.  In addition to the backyard demolition and the guest bath remodel I've been working with superstar client, Birds Barbershop, to unleash a new campaign on our unsuspecting and fair city. See, with the word Barbershop in the name, people often assume that their core customer looks a lot like this:

With free lone star on tap, you best believe that several dudes get their ears lowered at Birds, but they also have customers like-a so:

And plenty like this:

Birds owner, Michael, and I have been brainstorming and coordinating this campaign for months.  All photographs were shot by Alison Narro, layout & graphics by yours truly, and the logo is a spin on an old austin bumper sticker from the '70s.  (BTW, I tried to find a pic of the sticker online and couldn't but trust me it exists)  Here are a few other posters I've put together so far.

The shoot took place over 4 days (one day at each Birds location) and all the models are Birds customers who just so happened to show up during the shoot to get a haircut.

If you're in Austin, keep your eyes peeled, these posters and ads will be popping up everywhere soon.  Treat it like a where's waldo, would ya?