House Wars

This has probably been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. I think even squeezing a watermelon through my lemon was easier -- at least we got a big fat prize at the end of that ordeal. After a week of waffling on two amazing homes that are totally within our budget to purchase AND renovate, we're passing. We think. Jesus, my internal compass is so screwed up I don't even know what my name is anymore. I feel like my arm has been amputated, and if someone asked me to wear a big black helmet and man the Death Star, I probably would. Let's review the properties, shall we?

#1 has an incredible view of Austin, all the way from downtown almost to San Marcos. It has vaulted ceilings, clerestory windows and a closet big enough to live in. It's well located within town, but it's also built at the corner of one of the worst highways in Austin. Plans to redo the highway include building a monster overpass right beneath this house that will make this quiet little neighborhood sound like it's situated near an airport runway. Honestly, the Austin transportation authority is so screwy that it may never happen. But if it does... well, it would suck. A lot. Plus the office space and yard are not very functional for us.

#2 is a sprawling 70s rancher on close to an acre that backs to a gorgeous creek. It has all the space we'll ever need, and tons of privacy. It's also quite a hike from town, and part of the drive has to be made on one of the most highly trafficked and most hated roads in south Austin. Oh yeah, and that road runs right through the neighborhood. It sucks and it pretty much ruins the peace of this very pretty rural community. And did I mention that the commute blows? 30 minutes to downtown with no traffic, probably an hour to tech jobs up north. Ugh.

So that's what we've been grappling with. Even typing this was hard, because I know some of you will tell me to buy one of them. And I'm also sure some of you are barfing at the thought of living in such humble abodes. But wouldn't it have been fun to help me redo them?

Shit I'm all confused and feeling dark side again. Just call me Darth.