Hotel Me About It

I first discovered Portland, Oregon's Ace Hotel when a web design client of mine asked me to use the Ace splash page as inspiration for their site.  While the site is lovely and I was happy to accommodate my (awesome!) client, I was WAY more excited to take a peak at the grounds and play a nice round of fantasy vacation.  I wanted to pass it on to you kids today because, ever since last weeks post, I've been obsessed with ridiculously over-sized wall silhouettes:

Ace Hotel Guest Rooms 1

Get a load of that cat!!!  I have to tell you, I was dead set on painting a scary windblown woman until I saw this fancy feline.  What do you think his name is and do you think he wants to come live with me?  I'm also totally crushin on the freaky hanged man in the room on the upper left.  What do you think, for the guest bedroom, perhaps as some kind of warning:  return the towels to the rod neatly folded, or else.  Yes, I think that will work.

Before moving forward, I really need to clarify something:  when I say obsessed with giant wall silhouettes, I am in no way referring to the mass produced vinyl (usually floral) wall stickers  that are swimming all over the web right now.  I don't like them, I think they are tacky and I don't want them in my house.

That said, let's check out some more of these fancy diggs:

Ace Hotel Guest Room 2

While I often fantasize about vacationing for the hotel alone and skipping the city altogether, I do think it's important for a hotel to reference the town it's in.  I think these moose Thompson Elk (thanks Adnon) blankets are such a perfect solution; that bald eagle sends the message pretty well, too.

Ace Hotel Guestrooms 3

I really don't care about that shampoo and I'm even more disturbed by the web designers choice in font...dakota script, what's up with that?  I do however, really like that bathroom.  The black tub is sexified to the max, I'll take one, please.  The wild-things-meets-viking street art is nice too, but a little too cartoon-y for my house.  Again, loving the blanket.  I also really like how well they mixed rustic wood with a few sleek modern elements:  aces, Ace Hotel. 

While I'm hanging out with my giant cat, the Ace Hotel promises me these luxuries:

Ace Hotel

Wait, where's the room service?  I might have to leave my swanky pad?  But I was going to have dumplings in the tub!  But then again... there is a mini bar.


Update:  room service now available.  Bathtub food party for everyone, hooray!