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My new summertime mantra is: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Sure, it's a little cartoonish, but were there ever finer philosophers than Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny? Those homies knew how to cut to the meat of the matter. At any rate, the heat may be abating a bit, and there's even rain in the forecast. Things are looking up, so much so that I can finally look at colors other than icy white or soothing lavender without spontaneously combusting. So here's my ode to hot orangey red -- tempered with a lot of crisp white. Because I still can't stand to look at a solid red wall. Things aren't looking that far up.

ad russia

hallie burton

keri russell house

roger davies

Did you catch that Fornasetti double feature? And I'm finally coming around on the magic of flowers to totally transform a room. Also, I need a snow leopard bench. Stat.

mali azima

Last but not least, this is what my backyard redesign shall look like. In addition to fabulous topiaries, becurtained verandas and killer sculptures, I am hatching a plot to air condition the outdoors.

For more hot red fabulousness, read this post at A Dreamer's Den.

It's officially summertime, gang -- so I am over and out. I'm pretty sure a pool somewhere is calling my name.

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