Holy Moly That's a Lot of Beds

As you all know, my anniversary was last week and rather than exchanging the obligatory paper-themed prezies, the hubs and I chose to gift ourselves with a brand new king size mattress.  And thank god because we're both just under a million feet tall and our bedroom is ginormous. Now that we're experiencing the kind of sleep generally reserved for celebrities and diplomats, our bed frame situation is giving us nightmares:  we look like a bunch of college kids sleeping on the dang floor.   Because we have yet to find our own personal Miss Havisham, we're going to be building the frame ourselves (read: matt will construct, I, of course, will art direct).  I've rounded up a few beds to provide inspiration for our latest project.  

You best believe that if I could find a piece of exotic wood so lovely I would knock off this John Houshmand bed so fast your head would spin.

Since my spalted maple supply is running painfully low, I think I'll go with plan B:  Tufting.  Who doesn't love a little a lot of tufting?

clockwise from top left: Fox Nahemdesign; Image scanned from Dwell Magazine; Image taken from Domino Magazine; Green Bed available at Room Service

Ahh, yes, pure luxury, without being too fussy.  Of course, If I wanted fussy tufting, I would certainly go this route:

Bedroom design by Birgit Amadori for the Fox Hotel

I love, love, love the bed / wallpaper combo, but would much rather wake up every morning next to this dream headboard:

(unknown source)

I'm not a big fan of the upholstered bedframe, I'm sure my cats would make it mission #1 to destroy it within hours of installation, but that headboard is to. die. for.

Just because I'm feeling punchy, I'm going to digress into tacky headboard land for a minute, enjoy:

Images taken from Jennifer Perkins's flickr photostream  view even more insanity here

Even though these rooms look like a bad acid trip, I just don't really like canopy beds in general.  Again, no fuss, please:

(unknown source)

So pretty, but not for me.  Well, except those sexy black walls.  I'll take four of those.

(oh snap!  another unknown source)

Speaking of fussy canopies, I certainly couldn't live with this contraption, and neither should you.  

I could probably suck it up and spend a night or two under these 2 four poster beds:

 jonathan adler 

Ok, I actually really really like this bed, which is funny because pink is banned from my home, I think it's the reflective surface....mmmmmmm.  oh, and stop buggin, the picture is from my new favorite magazine, Living Etc. 

I'm really not crazy about this bed, but I feel obligated to show you:

bird's nest of death (my title) by Shawn Lovell Metalworks.

It's pretty, but it scares me a little.  And then there's that fuss again.

I really like rooms that are simple and then filled with pops of color, so a nice, clean, retreating bed frame is more my style:

image by ngoc minh ngo

Oh, I just want to eat those pillows!!!  Love.

where did I find you?

This is actually one of my favorite frames.  The shape is sooo simple yet the bends in just the right spot give it the ideal amount of interest.  And LOOK!  Gray!  Pop of Color!  Perfect!

marie claire mason

So maybe this bed frame doesn't visually recede, but that bolt of (klein?) blue is stellar.  Plus, bonus for placing the bed in the center of the room.

Because I am constrained by the bounds of reality, my new bed will probably most closely resemble one of these:

Images 1 & 2: unknown.  bottom left: marie claire maison; bottom right: room service store

Were I suddenly to arrive in a world in which the laws of physics (and commerce) did not apply to me, I would throw caution to the wind and insist on waking up in one of these 2 spots:

Left image: Custom Design by Friends with You for the Fox Hotel; Right Image via If the Lamp Shade Fits

So, there you have it.  Now you know where I'm spending my nights.  What about you?  Where are you spending yours?