Here Comes the Sun King

I can't lie -- I don't have any time for the blog today. Between hosting out of town family, designing kitchens, braving the wilds of Ikea, consulting for a client (what? what?), and buying MORE RUGS (to be revealed shortly), I haven't really combed the interwebs for any earth shattering design news. What I can tell you is this: yellow is pretty. It is summery. It's a blowsy good time dressed in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini. And I like it best when grounded with neutrals and unexpected color combinations. Behold the bold and the beautiful:

yellow and persian rug

yellow chairs

world of interiors yellow

vintage yellow bedroom

nicolas matheus yellow wall

I think I just talked myself into eating a lemon bar for breakfast.

Going to design a kitchen at Ikea. If I'm not back by noon, send in the National Guard.

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