Have You Scouted Out Scowters Yet?

I've decided that 873 kitchen posts in a row might be one too many, so let me tell you about my latest obsession: Scowters. Scowters is a flash sale of epic vintage proportions that takes place Thursdays at 8pm on facebook. I know! Basically every week at 8pm my left hand has been glued to the phone while the right feeds babies, but hopefully you will enjoy funner things while facebooking -- like drinking five or six glasses of wine in between the oohs and ahhhs said flash sale will most certainly elicit. It sure beats reading 99% of the posts on facebook, because WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Anyhow, look what I scored at last Thursday's sale:

Well, this is the painting my screenprint was created from. Here's my new print in all its framed glory:

Now, I am a cheap bastard. I hem and haw over $8 hand painted Chinese vases, but I will buy art all day long. It's so rare that I regret buying art, because it invariably finds a home. And art makes me happy when I look at it. I can't say the same for lots of other stuff I buy -- stuff that accumulates like drifts of crap in closets and the garage.

That's not to say I'm a baller... I'm still cheap. But $140 (including shipping!) for a framed, signed 40" wide piece of art was enough for me to type SOLD during the sale. I admit that I get cappy when I'm excited.

Plus that picture makes me feel like this:

Margot Tenenbaum and Scalamandre wallpaper... two of my favorite things.

I am really liking this dude Mark Sabin's work. Check it.

I'd never heard of this artist before the Scowters sale, so hey -- I learned something new. And I supported small business.

You should support small business, too. The dealers who sell at Scowters are folks just like you and me, except way cooler and with better taste. You can learn yourself all about them right here.

I have to put in a plug for two of my favorite dealers, Christian May of Maison 21 and Susie Q of Minty fame. Two lovelier people you will not meet. Also they shop way too much so they have great stuff to sell.

All you have to do to join the party is like the Scowters facebook page and tune in to the sale at 8pm on Thursday nights. If something strikes your fancy, be the first to type SOLD in the comments. Prices are good for three days, so you can even waffle if you must. Easy Peasy. But hands off the amazing jewelry... that be mine.

Now, where shall I put my new print? I'm kinda thinking over the bed?

I bought it on Valentine's Day, so that seems appropriate.

Another location contender is in the hallway over my fancy ass wallpaper that I am scared to breathe on...

You just might be able to see a glimpse of that wallpaper tomorrow because I am posting a room tour. Finally!

You will come back tomorrow, right? I probably won't even discuss the kitchen.