Hats Off to the G Hotel

Ok, let me start by saying:  I totally understand that Hats Off to the G Hotel is the lamest post title ever.  But would you still love me if I promise promise, cross my heart, hope to die that there is a reason for the broadway style titling madness?  Yes?  Oh!  You're the best, I'll fill you in momentarily.  Ok, on with the show. You dudes should know by now that my number one design weakness is a bangin hotel, so when I stumbled upon the G Hotel in Ireland (online, not in person, unfortunately) my heart skipped a beat or twelve.

Hello insane parlor, do you mind if mommy sips a few cocktails in here?  I forgot to bring my 3D glasses but I trust that the hallucinations will be fantastic nonetheless. 

The G Hotel (here's where the stupid post title comes in) was designed by, up until now, hat designer Philip Treacy:

Ok, everyone, we're going to vote by round of applause, which do you prefer:

-the floral arrangement next to our designer 


- the hats that made him famous:

If your answer was none of the above (for shame, did you SEE that hand hat?) what about his newest hotel design offering:

Some of you (RAINA!) may need to overt your eyes from the star-burst mirrors, might I suggest that you gaze upon the INCREDIBLE LIGHT FIXTURE instead?  I've been doing some math trying to figure out how to get one of those suckers into my bedroom, in gold of course, but unfortunately, I just can't make it work so this picture is all I have to warm my heart at night.

I wonder how bad it is for a plasma screen to have a logo showing at all times.  Matt and I have a logo, I think it would be a nice touch to have it burning bright in our living room when the TV is off, which is pretty much always.  

Also, to the G Hotel employees who are reading this post (I'm totally famous, right?) please steal those chairs one by one and send them to me.  Once they are all missing, the hotel owners won't have a use for the table, so you can send it, too.

I have to admit, I am not really so crazy about this room.  Maybe I would like it better if I were there and the drinks were flowing?  Mmmm, probably not.

I think this is the day spa, but I'm not feeling very relaxed.

Let's look at more pictures I like because I really do like this hotel.

This front desk looks an awful lot like Mr. Treacy's hat designs, which is just fine, but it's really the puppy dog that's stealing my heart.

Oh Look!  There he is again!  With a friend.  Where do you suppose I could get some of these for my house?  And, more importantly, do you think my real-life dog would be intimidated?

I wasn't originally going to show you this because I think it's snooz-er-iffic BUT there is a hot zebra, so it's all good.

Speaking of snoozing, I wouldn't be too mad if I had to sleep in this room for a night or two.  That painting over the bed reminds me of Nagel, which makes me giggle.  For fun during my waking hours, I'd burn that hideously printed chair.

If all the smoke fumes get me down, I'll take a dip in this pool.  Michael Phelps will join me.