Happy Weekend & What I'm Looking Forward To

Happy Friday, homies!!!!  Even though today is short post day, I'm long on anticipation.  I've got lots of awesome stuff coming up to look forward to.  Here are my highlights for the next couple of weeks:

1.  The completion of my office.  No, that is not it above, but I could work like a mo-fo in that room.  With that view.  I do have shelves, so we've got that in common.  I'll be brining you guys before and after photos once the project is closer to completion.  It's getting near, get excited y'all.

2.  The completion of Erin's dining room, also not pictured.  Hey, she's got black walls, white chairs and she seems to have developed an affinity for empty heads of the table, so I thought I'd share this inspiration with her to help move her along.  See how nice I am?

3.  Throwing a wrench in Erin's plans by posting dining room pictures that are nothing like her planned space but are so badass that the whole project needs to be reconsidered thereby striking out #2.  Not so nice afterall.  I will ride to Ikea with you, Erin, if you need me to.  Maybe.

4.  My 2 year wedding anniversary which will be spent right here.  Suck it.

5.  ROUNDTOP! ROUNDTOP! ROUNDTOP!  It's only 6 wee little baby days away!!!!

6.  The launch of Lonny Magazine, Eye Spy posted yesterday that the Domino Crew is back in full form with a new online mag (yes, I want to hold and touch it, too) that sucker launches October 1.