Happy Birthday Cancerians!

October must have been a busy month for boom chicka boom boom, because I sure do know a lot of July babies. Besides myself and my baby brother who share the same birthday (July 25, and we're Leos of course), there is my dear sweet dad, whose birthday is today.

daddy and me

How cute is my dad?! Ignore the chubby flower girl.

Besides my dad, there's also Better Half Ben (who turns a million next week), and there are several friends plus most of my cousins. But most pressingly there is Ike, who turned TWO FREAKING YEARS OLD yesterday. Yikes! I won't get crazy with the long letter writing like I did last year, but I do want to share a couple of my favorite recent pics.

That's my little baby face. Too bad I accidentally gave him a bowl cut yesterday... just in time for his big birthday party this weekend.

Oh well. It wouldn't be much of a childhood without ugly hairdos, now would it?

Happy weekend, y'all!