Hey everyone!  I'm Naomi from Thirteen and South, and I'm filling in today while Erin is away.

I wanted to share with you my living room inspiration.  Lot's of people have a muse when designing a space.  Perhaps its a rug, or a fabric, or even a gorgeous magazine spread.  I found my inspiration in my grandmother's basement.  Score!

Back in February, when we bought our row house, we knew we were in for a gut job.  I was adamant that under the pink carpets, drop ceilings, fluorescent lights, and layers of smoke-stained wallpaper that there was beautiful space waiting for us.  But after all the labor and stress of the renovation, I had zero motivation to decorate.

I knew this much- I wanted it modern with a mix of neutrals, patterns and eclectic accents.  I wanted a gray sofa.  And I want pops of orange.  Other than that I was completely and utterly LOST.

Then one evening Nana (who has impeccable taste) invited me down to her basement to view her unused art collection.  I spied this framed art and knew if had to be mine...

I liked that it was geometric, colorful, modern and vintage all in one.

Turns out it is actually a scarf that has been sewed onto the canvas.   It has been signed by the artist, numbered 30/150 and dated, 1969.  Which made it all the more unique and special in my mind.

A little research proved the artist to be Victor Vasarely.  He paired up with Escada to make these scarves.  Being art ignorant, that didn't mean a lot to me, but Erin assured me he is one of her favorite artists and I am a lucky ass bitch.

And let me tell you- just as a good muse does- the scarf worked its magic.  My decorating block was lifted and I was able to fill in pieces around the art.

My first move was to buy some pillows.  Something with a little texture and something a little wild.

A throw blanket and rug soon followed....

(yep, I have that brass tray table that Karly talked about here. I love it, but am planning to switch it out for a more comfortable ottoman.)

I'm not done yet, but I know my scarf will help me finish the space off.  It reminds me not to be afraid of color or pattern, but also to let the art do the talking and fill in with simpler pieces.  Hopefully I wont put Mr Vasarely to shame.

I'm also contemplating getting a new frame.  Maybe something a little bit more substantial, and possibly brass/gold.  Like Nana's...

Her second Vasarely piece, in her foyer.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  Erin and Karly- thanks so much for having me over, and E thanks sharing your art wisdom with me!!