Guest Post: ABC & Yurts?

Hello Design-Crisis fans!  My name is Ceci and I am a friend of Karly’s Mama in Virginia.  I've never written or guested for anyone’s blog before but I love Karly & Erin and Design Crisis...and Door Sixteen...and If the Lampshade Fits...and Petunia Face...I read them every day.  HUGE fan!  I have gotten lots of design inspiration and have painted quite a few things gold.  (wink)  So, I’m very excited to be here today!  I also want a lot and can't afford much, like what I'm about to show you...

My favorite store in the world, NO! in the UNIVERSE

is ABC Carpet & Home in Manhattan.  Its 4 hours from VA and totally worth the drive to spend a few hours on every floor in this place.  Or stay home and spend a few hours online at abchome .  There’s even a button for a wish list!  I do this quite often when I’m bored at work… (sorry boss).  That’s where I found this gorgeous sofa!

LOVE COVET this Kilim Landscape Sofa!


’ll take 2 of these dreamy Kilim Landscape Ottoman’s!!  Everything will look great with my 6 foot coffee table.  A nice little Ottoman living room & sometimes casual dinner party room.  Let’s just pretend that it doesn’t cost $3 zillion.  Sometimes we want what we can’t have.  That’s what the ‘wish list’ button is for.  Right?  One more thing….

Remember the Yurt Family Higman-McKittrick?

They live in a yurt in the Alaskan wilderness 90 miles from civilization? And cook their meals on their one & only modern cooking appliance?

Well, there is a resort in Big Sur, CA called Treebones Resort where you can stay in a LUXURY yurt with Ocean View or Partial Ocean View.  Take a look.

nice view!

Nice and clean!  (Although if it were mine I could totally see my Kilim Landscape Sofa & Ottomans in there, a couple beautiful Moroccan lanterns…absolutely NOT a rope rug)  There are no facilities in the yurt, but there are just a few feet away.  I can stay here!  And with a Cordon Bleu Chef…Chris…who just happens to be 6’ 5”, cookin’ dinner in the resort’s restaurant?  Home Sweet Yurt!  Learn more about Treebones Resort here.  Looks like fun!

Thank you Erin & Karly for taking the day off & letting me post my wandering thoughts on your FABULOUS blog!  And thank you for writing a fabulous blog that we all can read everyday!  YOU ROCK!!