Greetings From Cloud Nine

Wow... I don't really know what to say about all your kind comments about our bedroom, except thank you! I was maybe probably a little bowled over by the niceness, and definitely a lot grateful to Naomi for linking me up to her fabulous readers. All the comments truly made my day a little more bearable, by which I mean I was able to waddle upstairs to decide if I really wanted to buy this hot Ebay number for the baby's nursery:

What with all the extra vim and vigor I had laying around, I then waddled downstairs and plugged that guy into the Olio Moodboard 3000, and this is what came out:

Yes, uber cool vintage fixture just got boughten. And while I was at it, I snagged those vintage sconces for a song:

Oh so cute with the little stars, but maybe a trifle dangereuse for a baby's room? What if my little dude turns into a climber and impales himself on those pointy edges? Maybe I should hold out for these dumb Ikea PS sconces which I am convinced will never be released in the US?

Pretty dope, and I like the Bauhausy shape. I do not like that it takes LED lights. I know that's not very environmentally conscious of me, but uggggghhhhhh. LED is gross.

So anyway, the nursery is humming along except for a few key details.

#1. My chair still isn't done.

Maybe today? I need to see it in situ before I make any more $$$ decisions.

#2. I am so on the fence about window treatments.

Invest in spendy roman shades and have my MIL trim them in black? Buy some cheapo Ikea linen curtains and trim them in black or maybe royal blue to fill out the wall space?

Because it feels a little blank in there... maybe it's the rug?

I kept trying to harness the amazingness of this neutral room:

But for whatever reason I am incapable of that kind of subtle layer action. Wendy Schwartz, you are just better than me.

And that brings me to the next key detail that must be addressed:

#3. The Baby.

Hey sucker, when are you coming out? How about July 31? That would give me the weekend to finish up some things, and it would allow you the glory and majesty of having a birthday during the best month of the year...

(full disclosure: my birthday may or may not be tomorrow)

So that's what's going on at my house. Thank you for all your positive feedback! You are solely responsible for powering the feeble engine of late stage pregnancy.

Together, we will make it through the finish line.

Well, you know what I mean...