Good News & Bad News

Good Tuesday All! I've got exciting news: Poketo give away winners are listed below; and lame news: computer problems big time. See, I was actually trying to be a proactive blogger by installing a wordpress update, somehow amidst all the fancy code my computer and my server stopped talking to each other and now I can't get any work done in blogland or otherwise. Whant whant whant. So, my mac is in the shop and I'm relegated to shamefully using my husband's yucky PC, which has (gasp!!!!) NO BOOKMARKED PICTURES OF PRETTY HOUSES. It sucks to say the least and now you dudes have to pay the price by reading this short post.

HOWEVER!!!!! These 3 people should be mighty excited:
#31 Anita
#8 Connie
#17 Alma

I know that a couple of these winners are frequent commenters but I want everyone to know that these were the true random number generator results and I actually thought long and hard about spinning the wheel again lest you dudes would think there was funny business going on. I decided that I best not tempt fate and that hopefully you trust a gal who's been bringing you daily love for 2 years now. Right?

For those of you the random number generator didn't pick, you can still grab a recycled tote at Poketo here.

And just because I love you all dearly, here's a picture of my new fantasy wallpaper. I've been dreaming of this ever since Nelya posted it at head over heels last week:

stay tuned for a guest post tomorrow...and praise the lord you don't have to sit through another miserable day of me using Matt's computer. All should be well by Thursday where I maybe maybe will show you some pics of my backyard remodel.